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Global Wellness is a natural health centre using Chiropractic and Advanced Laser Technology to relieve pain, neurological issues, smoking addiction, weight loss, stress management therapy and much more.


We are committed to the highest standard of care. Highly trained professionals with over 25 years of experience, using the most advanced technology, administer treatments and enjoy helping people live healthier, happier lives.


Advanced Technology and the principles of caring are what makes us so unique.


We are consistently trying to better ourselves and have just added a new form of healing to our service. It is a Micro Current Neurofeedback technology which will provide relief for chronic health conditions. With this service very limited in Windsor, we are excited to finally share this amazing product. Our goal is to make you feel the best you can. We will do this by helping provide a supportive pathway back to Optimal Brain Performance for those suffering from a range of health conditions, including addiction, chronic pain, cancer, depression, autism and migraines. 


Our services are covered by many Extended Health Coverage (EHC) benefits.  We also accepts coverage through Motor Vehicle Insurance and WSIB. (Below are website links to some participating Insurance Carriers)

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