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About Us

At Global Wellness Centre, our goal is to maintain our leadership status by continuing our commitment to exceptional service with the most advanced technology and the highest standards of care.

Global Wellness Centre is committed to creating a partnership with our patients to achieve personal wellness.

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Our Centre has been operating at the same location in LaSalle, Ontario since 1992 under the name of Nautical Mile Chiropractic & Laser Centre. In 2008, we have expanded and evolved to provide therapies that are shown to be effective in treating the entire body. It is with the understanding that that our body does not function as separate structures but as a synchronized organism. Our goal is to allow our community the opportunity of attaining optimal health with the highest level of care. With the ever-accumulating physical, emotional and environmental stresses forced upon us, Global Wellness reflects this complete level of healthcare for each and everyone.

After decades of use, low power lasers have been found to be safe, painless, drug free and highly effective with no adverse side effects. The Global Wellness Centre uses the exclusive Matrix Therapy Systems used by Medical and Health care Professionals worldwide. All Global Wellness laser therapists are certified by The Matrix Institute of Laser Therapy.
Note: Laser therapy is not meant to replace medical care.